• This solid and uniform design yields many hidden triangles
  • Each corner of the cube has a different combination of windowed faces
  • Opposite sides of the cube are an identical color match
  • This view shows off the lovely texture of the lizard paper
  • The windows have a layered quality to them that gives the sense of depth
  • The kami (brown) has a different sheen compared to the Tant paper
  • Here you can see the two-toned nature of the lizard print

I made this model for my office desk and felt that the lizard skin paper was really smart looking, hence the name ‘Corporate Skin’. I’m very happy with the results and it’s been nice to have in the office as a representation of my work. I later had the idea that you could transform this design into a more functional box for pens or other office supplies. By folding just five of the six faces, you could create a open faced box, hollow on the inside. You could then fold a smaller cube and use that as lining to reinforce the larger model.

The embossed lizard skin paper is very popular and always gets a reaction from people. Perhaps because it’s so unexpected and chic looking, not something you would think of as origami paper. I recently acquired a load of paper in this style and have already completed several boxes. I had hoped to post them to the gallery but some shipped out as gifts before I got a chance to take pics and others are so darn shiny that I’m getting bad glare in the photos and am not yet happy with the results.



Diagram Credits

Double Stoppers (Dice Assembly) by Tomoko Fuse
  • 36 units
  • 3 1/2 inch cube


Tant origami paper, Embossed lizard skin paper, Kami

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