• Jet black is a great way to make neon colors really pop
  • Here light bounces off the inside layers
  • The heavy use of black balances the pink and peach color palette
  • This box has a lot of texture that gets lost in the photos
  • The color of this brad is a near perfect match to the orange

This is a prime example of when the paper truly dictates every design decision. The black glitter paper that you see here looks even better in real life. It has a load of texture and enormous appeal; it’s sophisticated and screams party all at the same time. But the weight is like that of heavy cardstock. Crease too hard and the paper might split revealing the fibrous white inside. Fold too many times and the paper might not sit flat and will fail to work at all.

In addition to the problem of extreme density, the jet black was just too dramatic to stand alone; it needed a contrasting costar. For this, I chose some striking pink and orange iridescent paper which like the jet black was too much to encompass an entire model. The bright neon colors needed a bit of subduing and the jet black glitter paper provides just that. They are a match made in paper heaven.

Diagram Credits

Plain Square Box by Tomoko Fuse
  • 8 units
  • 3 inches square


Glitter scrapbook paper, Iridescent embossed kami, Decorative brad

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