• This model has six square faces
  • Using three colors in this model made for good color symmetry
  • Here you can see the light gloss coating of the floral print
  • There are also peak & valley faces where the edges meet
  • Square openings make for good viewing portals

I’m so obsessed with complex looking models that I often pass up simple ones like this geometric solid from Tomoko. I should try to not make everything so challenging because there’s real beauty in simple solids. If you make them larger like this 7-inch model, you can play around with different paper options because there’s more surface area to work with.

I also particularly enjoy how the openings in this model are quite large allowing you to really explore the inside of the model, something that is normally hidden from view. This paper has a deeply embossed pattern of squares that form a tight grid and the flowers have a high gloss sheen that stands out. You can really see that in the closeup view.



Diagram Credits

Convex Hexagonal Ring Solid by Tomoko Fuse
  • 24 units
  • 7 inch diameter


Patterned and embossed kami

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