• Five tetrahedrons are woven together to form this impressive model
  • From certain angles, a pentagon appears in the center
  • The red tetrahedron really pops from this perspective
  • That makes for a total of
  • That makes for a total of twenty vertices
  • A closeup peering through the entangled tetrahedrons

Five Intersecting Tetrahedra is one of those truly impressive looking models that in reality takes very little time to fold. It’s made up of just 30 units and those units take just a few minutes each to complete.

But there’s a catch. Like many modular designs, the difficultly is in the assembly. The first time you attempt this model it’s enough to make you pull your hair out. For one, the unit to unit connections are not fully interlocking which means the units come apart when you try to weave them together. Normally in this situation you would glue the connections to stabilize the model. But with this model, if you glue the wrong connections, you run the risk of not being able to properly intersect the tetrahedra. And that’s a big problem!

It’s like learning any skill though, once you get it, you’ll never forget. Good luck with this one folders.

Diagram Credits

Five Intersecting Tetrahedra by Thomas Hull & Francis Ow
  • 30 units
  • 6 inch diameter


Tant origami paper, Lightweight cardstock

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