• This attractive but quirky paper needed a fun theme, like Hello Kitty
  • The lid, bottom and insides of this box have a pinwheel design
  • The lid and bottom are symmetrically color blocked
  • The underside of the box is so pretty it could be reversible
  • I made this embellishment by hand from a sticker and some cardboard
  • This paper is iridescent and embossed with little squiggles

You may recognize this paper. It’s from a popular and large commercial origami brand that if used unwisely, might make a finished piece look cheap and gaudy. For that reason, I decided it needed a theme, something that gave the tacky colors a reason to be. So I found these adorable Sanrio stickers with matching iridescent blues and greens and fashioned a Hello Kitty embellishment for the lid and everything turned out better than expected.

This is kami paper so the finished product is light and crisp yet perfectly functional. I also can get behind the squiggly texture of the paper as it lends itself to breaking up the light and bringing out the iridescent hues.

Diagram Credits

Square Box (Wheel) by Tomoko Fuse
  • 8 units
  • 3 inches square


Iridescent embossed kami, Sanrio sticker

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