• The simplicity of this box is what makes the paper standout
  • Gold foil complements the metallic elements in the washi
  • The bottom of this box is much deeper than the lid
  • The box lid on its own is striking
  • The textures of the Lokta and Washi work perfectly together
  • This washi pattern looks rich and expensive

A stunning little gift box, modeled from handmade papers and decorated with a brad.

Here, the washi print is the star with its’ bright red background and metallized print. Used only for the lid, it was important to pair the washi with another paper equally as rich and complex but that would not overwhelm the design. For this I chose a black Nepalese Lokta which is a thin and fibrous paper with solid black quality. Being fibrous the Lotka had the added benefit of creasing much like the washi which is important to consider when assembling the units. To complete the look, I embellished the lid with a simple black brad.

For the box bottom, I again used the Lokta, but instead paired it with an embossed gold foil, the texture of which breaks up the light and gives the paper a nice patina that is not overly shiny or cheap looking. The choice of gold here was intended to pick up and enhance the metallic elements in the washi print and also add to the expensive quality of the overall design.

Diagram Credits

Plain Square Box by Tomoko Fuse
  • 8 units
  • 3 inches square


Lokta, Washi, Embossed gold foil, Black brad

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