• 60 units come together to form pentagons and triangles
  • There are twelve pentagon faces each one uniquely colored
  • Each pentagon is surrounded by triangle units
  • The color of the units fade from yellow to orange to create an ombre effect
  • The orange side of the model is nicely saturated
  • Four of the pyramids converging to a single vertex

I’ve always loved a good ombre effect long before it was popular. Using bright colors helps accentuate the slight differences of each shade. A solid ombre can be a bit boring so I decided to replace some of the solid modules with a matching washi print. The placement of the washi modules was decided at random, based on what looked good during the assembly phase. Didn’t plan that part out.

For this model, I taped the modules together using a fiddly but awesome technique that uses tweezers and doubled sided tape. Once complete, it’s such a stable construction that you can really manhandle this globe without fear of it falling apart.

Here’s how to do it: First, cut the tape into little strips, the length should be slightly shorter than the pocket of the module. Then use tweezers to slide the tape into the pockets of the assembled modules. Once the tape is in the pocket and hidden from view, use your fingers to gently press the units, sealing them together.

Diagram Credits

Convex Hexagonal Ring Solid by Tomoko Fuse
  • 60 units
  • 4 inch globe


Tant origami paper, Chiyogami print

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