• The pair of dodecahedrons side by side
  • This photo makes the models look the same size but that is an illusion
  • These models look really different from the birds-eye view
  • The smaller, closed-face dodecahedron is about the size of a baseball
  • Yo dawg, I heard you like dodecahedrons...
  • The inner dodecahedron can freely move inside the outer dodecahedron
  • How can you not love Space Invaders?

When I saw this Space Invaders print, there was no question I had to use it for a really cool set of models. The larger model is made up of 30 units while the two smaller solid dodecahedrons are made up of 12 units each.

This was not an easy build. It took some planning, lots of calculations and several tests to determine the correct sizing for the models so that one would fit neatly inside the other. However, the results were worth the effort. The inner dodecahedron can freely move inside the larger one so it becomes an interactive toy in the hands of a user. And by folding two different styles of polyhedrons, a wireframe and a solid, I was able to showcase the print in two ways.

You might be surprised to learn that the orange and brown are not separate prints, but two sides of the same paper. Put another way, this is a doubled-sided print.



Diagram Credits

Regular Dodecahedron by Tomoko Fuse
Penultimate Unit by Robert Neale
  • 54 units
  • 3 and 5 inch globes


Whimsy Press wrapping paper

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