• Each of the six triangle faces are bordered by three star faces
  • At the center of each star is a blue or white skull
  • Only this star face is bordered by white repeating skulls
  • At 10 inches square, this is a really big model
  • The large triangle units were a great way to showcase this cheeky print
  • I admit, these skulls appeal to my inner-goth

I held onto this print for a long time before knowing what to do with it. It was that special to me.

A cheeky design from Whimsy Press, this paper is intended to be used as artisan wrapping paper. It’s heavy, thick and double-sided so it’s prone to cracking which means it wouldn’t be appropriate for heavy folding or lots of pre-creasing. I also had to be sure not to interfere with the pattern of the skulls so for that reason I chose a model with large uncreased faces and made sure to carefully line up the print with the creases.

This made for a very intricate build process before any folding even started. Each piece of paper was deliberately cut from the main print in such a way that when folded, the print fit the folded unit just right. The blue and white skull centers of each square and the triangle faces are a good examples of this technique. At 9 inches wide this is one of the larger modulars I have folded.



Diagram Credits

Stopper B (Lantern Assembly) by Tomoko Fuse
  • 20 units
  • 9 inch diameter


Tant origami paper, Whimsy Press wrapping paper

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