• Each globe contains 20 equilateral triangle faces
  • These globes are extremely durable and heavy enough to juggle
  • The edges and vertices of the models form star shapes
  • A single globe is about the size of a tennis ball
  • The floral prints are totally different but complementary

Recently a friend gifted me with a bulk set of 3 inch Chiyogami floral prints. Really cute stuff but I was struggling to come up with the right application for them. At 3 inches square, there is not much paper to work with and your options narrow. The other constraint I had was with the variety. While there were hundreds of sheets, only 12 were alike and that made using the same pattern for one model a tough thing to do. That however, was my vision.

Despite these challenges, I was able to pair the papers with this awesome polyhedron made from 20 equilateral triangles. They are just shy of 3 inches in diameter each, about the size of a tennis ball, good for juggling I’d imagine. I’d like to make a grip of these over time so they keep amassing in number like tribbles, slowly growing out of control.



Diagram Credits

Regular Icosahedron by Tomoko Fuse
  • 100 units
  • 3 inch diameter


Chiyogami floral prints, Kami

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